WP Engine Hosting Review – Everything You Will Want To Know

If you are thinking about starting your own online business then one of your first considerations is going to be hosting and WP Engine will have crossed your path a few times. With so many options available I am sure you are asking yourself who you should go with and today I am going to jump into every single thing you should know about WP Engine Hosting so that you can decide if this is a fit for your needs.

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I’ll be the first to admit that with all the various hosting plans out there after a while it all becomes a blur of prices and a myriad of options. Since my marketing company builds website I can tell you we work with a number of different hosting plans and there are some key things you are going to want to consider. The most important of which is having a website that loads quickly. So let’s hop in.


WP Engine currently boast a 40% increase in page speed. Independent speed tests show page loads using third party speed testing site at 0.39 – 0.59 seconds. This sort of thing will vary some as many times especially in ecommerce you will be using many photos and videos to place your products in the best light. And as someone who works in marketing the quicker your pages loads the better. People are not patient and you don’t want them going somewhere else because your page is not loading.

Have a current website that you want to test the speed on? Try the link below.


In the day and age where cyber security and breaches happen to even the largest of companies it is a given that you need to make sure your website is secure. Customers won’t even consider buying from you if the website does not feel safe. WP Engine plans come with a free Secure Socket Layers certificate or more commonly known as a SSL certificate. I have mentioned in pasts posts that I have unknowingly purchased hosting without the SSL trying to save a buck only to realize that I could have just paid for the more expensive plan and been set.  Avoid my mistakes.


Ease of Use

If you are reading this blog chances are you aren’t a web designer. That’s not a knock. I am pretty basic myself. And I like things to be very point and click easy. No or minimum coding. Very simple to set up. And I operate probably close to a dozen website of my own now not including the clients my firm handles. WP Engine is very easy to use and their ecommerce plans boast 1 click installation. Can’t get any easier than that. Not a drop of code needed. Drag and drop tools that allow you to add content in seconds. And fun store themes that can you can customize the color on. Instant store search feature also makes it super easy for users to find what they need on your website.


WP Engine pricing plans range from $30/month and up to $241/mo. This will vary based on storage needed, number of websites you plan to have, number of visitors, and bandwidth you will need. You can always upgrade if you are on a budget or unsure which size you will need. That is always hard to determine starting out. You will notice WP Engine tends to be a bit more expensive than some other hosting platforms. I always caution against being penny foolish and thinking you are saving money but only ending up a la carting all the same things together. They include majority of what you will need to get a store up and running and that’s should be kept in my.


There are a ton of hosting options. Prices do vary and WP Engine is on the high end but they also include a lot that will make it worth the money. They have a great 1 click system that can have your ecommerce store up and running in moments and best of all it requires no coding what’s so ever. Which means you can save money on an expensive web designer and use their drag and drop technology to build everything you need. Their managed WordPress hosting plans are something to seriously consider when wanting a easy way to get a quality ecommerce store created.

Let me know in the comments below what type of ecommerce store you want to open.

WP Engine – Get 3 months free on WP Engine’s new eCommerce plans with coupon code ecommwpe10

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