This year practically everyone is tired of being inside of the house. Travel bugs are pulling their hair out pulled between being safe and wanting to explore this beautiful world we live in. Heck, I even started this blog to escape some of the mundane routine and give myself something to look forward to. Well I had quite the project on my hands with this article. I must say it was fun discovering the cheapest places to stay and to give some perspective I only looked at this for Americans looking to move to another country.

Costa Rica

This may come as no real surprise to those who have visited before but to those who have not been given the distinct pleasure of visiting Costa Rica you now have even more reason to keep this one on your travel list. Known for it’s mantra Pura Vida which mean pure or simple life this is not an empty platitude. They live and exist a pure and simple life that makes you slow down and just enjoy the moment. International Living did a recent study and found that a budget as low as $1500 per month can have you living quite comfortably here. It is also one of the top destinations to retire to. Entry into the country is fairly easy as the required visas are easy to get. They have a Pensionado Program and Rentista Program that are beneficial for those seeking residency.


If you read my previous article on English speaking countries then you know that Belize is the only English speaking Central American country. Feel free to check out that here. Anywho, not only will you hear lots of English but in addition to Spanish and some creole patois. The cost of living varies depending on if you stay on one of the cayes or inland. On the cayes you can expect to budget around $2900 per month. But if you are flexible and willing to stay inland I personally know well over 100 people who live inland by the beach and spend between $1000 – $1500 per month for their living expenses. Entry requirements are simple and visas easy to attain and typically cover a 30 day time period. Once you are there 50 consecutive weeks you can apply for permanent residency.


If Europe has been floating around in your dreams then you will be happy to know that Portugal made the list on inexpensive countries to move to. International Living found that you could live here easily on about $2,500 per month. Not bad, indeed. And like any place depending on the area this price may vary. Easy to access Portugal does not require a visa for Americans staying up to 90 days. And they do offer residency where there are a multitude of options to choose from. Check out my article on international travel requirements to learn how to research what you need.


Don’t forget out South American neighbors! Uruguay has a good public transportation system, safe drinking water, and quality medical care. A place like Montevideo will run you around $3,200 per month to live there in a one bedroom apartment. Easy access with tourist visas allowing up to 180 day stays and residency options are available.


And for those that want out of the United States but maybe still want to be close to home then Mexico has just what you need. Friendly people, relaxing atmosphere, and yes a very inexpensive cost of living. You can live in Mexico on a nice $1660 per month budget. This knowledge had even me considering the country myself. And what’s more welcoming than a country that will allow you to stay up to 6 months on a tourist visa. They also boast a Temporary Resident Visa that allows you to stay up to one year. Click here to check out this article I wrote on 10 Things You Should Know Before Moving To Mexico.

Tell me in the comments were any of the places listed surprising to you. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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