Wanderlust, digital nomad, call us what you want. As Americans we like to travel. Today I researched the most common places Americans move to. You will notice cost of living plays a huge roll in majority of these places. And that’s understandable considering the fact that the extremely high cost of living here makes life a bit stressful. I know many people slaving away day after day dreaming of the time they can retire and live outside of the office or behind a desk. There are many reasons people migrate. People move to get a better quality of life, to study, or follow a career path. But whatever the reason, below are the most common destinations of people who migrate from the United States.


  1. Mexico 

Mexico is the most common destination of people that move out of the United States, and I think it’s obvious why.

First, it’s closest to the United States. Making it easier to travel back and forth for family and other obligations. I personally am a fan of Mexico and have many Mexican friends that own property here in the States and back home in Mexico. My jaw drops to the floor every time we discuss the cost for them to build their homes there compared to the costs here. 

Which brings us to the cost of living. Compared to even the poorest areas in the United States it’s still so much more affordable. Like anywhere of course some of that depends on the area. But the fact is people can live a better life since the cost of living is significantly lower in Mexico.


  • Canada

Canada is the next common migration destination and they are very welcoming to immigrants. Their immigration policies give people who move in a chance to make a good living.

Healthcare is almost free in Canada, and even the costs you do pay are pennies on the dollar in many instances compared to what we are used to in the states. Dual citizenship is possible here and among all the countries mentioned in this article Canada our northern cousins have a reputation for being on of the most peaceful countries around.

  • India

People move from the US to India because of the beautiful culture and lower cost of living. It’s considered  a good option for people moving with their family. With the reduced cost of living, people can afford to give their families a better life. And who can forget those beautiful spice markets. The one credit I can give to India is their fantastic and interesting use of spices. 

India is also a good place to start a business and this is evident in the number of foreign investments in the country.

  • Philippines

The Philippines is such a beautiful land and one of the biggest draws is for people love a welcoming culture and less of that hustle and bustle we city dwellers have to deal with all the time. People who are worried about reducing their cost of living without reducing their quality of life should definitely consider the Philippines. Normal day-to-day expenses like buying food and transportation are greatly reduced.

What’s better is, here you can find good wi-fi to launch and or manage your online business. I recently watched house hunters international and this couple living in what would be consider the city were looking for an apartment and they were shown 3 and 4 bedroom homes (way more space than they needed, but I digress) the rental rates around $650 – $750/mo. I can only imagine what a 1 or 2 bedroom would run here. Add to the list delicious food and lots of motor bikes and you are spelling a recipe for success. 

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  • Brazil.

With Brazil, the first thing that comes to mind is diverse wildlife and multiple beaches and beautiful woman. Listen I am a woman but hey I have eyes and I know the real reason why many men visit. But setting all of that aside Brazil is a bastion of beauty from the people to the wildlife.

Brazil is the home of the Amazon Rainforest and boasts the most biodiverse places on earth. Brazil is also ranked at number 15 in the list of countries with the longest coastlines and has about 2000 beaches. Add to that a thriving nightlife and lots of libations and you might find your new home is here in Brazil.

  • Italy.

And then enters Italy, home of the two P’s. Pizza and Pasta. Italian is a beautiful language full of flair and melodic vibration that begs you to listen to more. Italy has a buzzing nightlife for those who enjoy a good night on the town. Italy has a good public transportation system making getting around very easy. You will find the culture here warm and accepting.

  • United Kingdom

The UK also has some of the best colleges and universities in the world,  so people from the US and all over the world move there to study. For people who decide to move in search of a job, the UK has a lot of opportunities to offer. There is an increase in demand for skilled workers every year so there’s a high chance of getting a good job. 

Affordable healthcare is available to you after you pay the immigration health surcharge and get your visa. Most things will be free except for some prescriptions and fertility treatments.

  • South Korea

South Korea has a low crime rate and lots of traditional restaurant so that you can get truly authentic food. South Koreans are friendly people but sometimes a bit more shy compared to what we are used to. Some of this is because they will not know English or have limited understanding and so a bit less able to help. With all that said I personally feel like shame on you for moving somewhere and not learning any of the language.  Do your part to learn some common phrases to help when navigating a new city. Cost of living is considerable less here and that is definitely another draw. 

Rent, electricity, gas, food, clothes, shoes, can all be taken care of without leaving a dent in your wallet.  The alcohol is expensive too.


  • Germany

Germany has one of the largest economies in the world, and unemployment is low. It’s a robust and vibrant city that has nightlife, and great WIFI, and all of the things we are used to here in the States. They have highways with absolutely no speed limit. Something my brain can barely wrap it’s head around. 

Another bonus Germany is close to other European cities like Paris, Amsterdam, and the Netherlands is about half an hour’s drive away, so there is an opportunity for exploration.

  • France

France and it’s language of love is another country many Americans immigrate to. French food and wine is known all over the world is another strong attraction. The quality of life, education, and healthcare is also top-notch. While the style of homes are different than we are use to France does boast a rich nightlife and rich history.

  • Australia

The land down under draws many expats. While the cost of living is considerably more I can attest that being there felt like here for the most part. While my dollars did not go as far as in other places I found the people very friendly and more curious than anything else. They don’t see many African Americans which was evident from the surprise on every single persons face when they saw me and friend at various parts of the city. And don’t take that the wrong way it was more delight than suspicious. We just literally are not seen there. Of course they speak English so there is no need to learn another language which is a bonus. This may be one of the easiest places to move to for Americans because so much is the same as we are used to here.

  • Japan

People moving with their family choose Japan because it’s secure. It provides a safe environment for raising your kids since the crime rate is very low. If I have heard it once then I have heard it many times. Unique foods with an even more unique culture. Safety and security there is a popular Youtube blogger that chronicles many black peoples experience there. Feel free to check him out here. He used to be called Black In Japan but I do believe he adjust the name to Black Experiences. Either way I find his interviews refreshing and you get honest opinions on their experience while there.

The public transport system is also very efficient so getting around with or without a car is not a problem.

  • Dominican Republic

People choose the Dominican Republic because they don’t need to worry about signing half their paycheck away to pay rent each month. Cost of living is extremely affordable compared to the states. The beaches are plenty and the people are welcoming and beautiful.

Real estate is relatively cheap in the Dominican Republic so purchasing an apartment of your own is feasible. Americans also move to the Dominican Republic to enjoy an adventure. You have sights like the Pico Duarte, the best Caribbean beaches and a large number of waterfalls.

  • China.

China is a megatropolis, a powerhouse, and let’s be honest they have secretly (or not so secretly) taken over the world. China is a popular destination for immigrants because it is an easy place to live as a foreigner. The cost of living is low, the people are welcoming, the transport system is reliable and employment opportunities are many. Live where everything is made and starting an import export business might be just the look to get you a thriving business going. Being the person people cna go to for their import or export needs. Now that may be a good look.

And we all know about the sheer vastness and variety of foods they eat there. If you are a foodie this is definitely a place to research more and visit.

  • Spain

People move to Spain from the US for  the food, the beaches, the climate, cheaper cost of living and so much more, but I think the biggest reason is the fact that it’s easy to get used to living in Spain. Now while visiting I can remember soooo many sales and the shoes oh my ladies if you are a show person then this place will be shoe overload. 

There are so many Americans already living in Spain so there is a big expat community to connect with.

It’s also easy to learn the language because there are lots of shared and similar-sounding words and good English speakers that are willing to help you learn Spanish.

I hope you have enjoyed this article. Tell me what are your top 3 countries that you are considering moving to and why. I’d love to here you thoughts.

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