If you have an eye for photography then tying your passion with your travel-lust may be the exact merger you need to make the leap explore the countries you always dreamed of. A beautiful photo can tell a story in more words than actual words. Like they say a picture is worth a thousand words. Photography is an art form that transcends through those young and old. And I am here to encourage you to pursue your passion. There are tons of photographers but don’t let that discourage you. As it is my belief that it is your secret sauce, your perspective, your salt bae that will help you excel. I have always respected photographers as I am one of those people that can’t take a artistic shot to save my life but my husband (I always tell him this) he has that eye and knows how to capture things in just the right angle and light.

Magazines & Newspapers

There are a number of ways travel photographers make money. Starting with taking freelance jobs from magazines. This is a competitive market and many focus on this technique making it rather saturated. This is not to be discouraging but to let you know what you are getting into from the outset. In addition another technique is to reach out to tourism boards and offer to partner on specific projects they have to show off their location.

Another fantastic mash up is tying your photography skills with a travel blog. I can tell you from experience that sourcing photos takes time and the idea of having your own custom breath-taking photos that can help paint a picture and give you a big advantage over other bloggers. No matter what direction you go in you are going to want to have social media accounts especially Instagram which is very photo focused.

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Photo Tours

Another angle is to sell photo tours to people who are unable to visit places. We all know there are many who probably will never be able to travel again due to the pandemic and this can give them a unique glimpse into destinations far and wide.

No matter what lane you choose to pursue one of the best skills you will need to gain are your marketing and goal setting skills. I would encourage you to look into finding a niche with an unmet need. You can use tools like Google Trends to see what people are searching for and any rising searches that are happening. Look at the results coming up. Once you identify a niche with an unmet need then I would create a body of work that will make you a resource for those types of photos. In addition to your social media accounts you can easily monetize your photos by getting a SmugMug account. They offer a free 14 day trial so you can try before you buy and they make it super easy to not only customize your website with a domain, logo, and colors but you get unlimited uploads no matter what size package you choose.

Once you have chosen your niche you want to set S.M.A.R.T. goals. Smart is an acronym for specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time- based. Smart goals help you create the foundation needed to accomplish any objective. For example: Making a goal to upload 50 photos in your niche by a specific date. And another would be to sell 15 photos in your first month. Here is the thing if you have researched your niche and the unmet need then you should have also learned the correct contacts to reach out to.

All in all I am a firm believer that you can make this life your best life by taking the active course and designing the life you want. It may not be easy but it will definitely be worth it. Travel photography could be just the thing to launch you toward the life you have always dreamed of and I encourage you to pursue your dream and continue to build your portfolio. You could be one photo away from you dreams. Truth is you may find that by combining several of the efforts described that you leverage your photos the best by getting them exposed in several different mediums. And as a bonus you can cross market from your social media accounts and on your blog using the photos you offer for sale in your SmugMug account.

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