If you are thinking about starting a website. No matter whether it is a blog or ecommerce store or online entity of some sort then you probably have been asking yourself where should you host your site. And that is a phenomenal question. I am of the opinion due to the plethora of host out there that honestly it’s choosers pick as most boast similar features. And all of the hosting options I am going to cover are to give you a glimpse and help you make a decision on how to move forward.

A web hosting service is a internet service that allows you to “house” your website and make it accessible to the innannets or World Wide Web. Without getting all techie know that everyone must have a host. This article can help narrow the playing field for you.

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Godaddy hosting

We are going to start with Godaddy because they are not only one of the major players (anyone that can spend money on a Superbowl commercial is pretty big in my opinion) but I am also admittedly biased as this is the one I use for all of my websites. In fact, the only website I don’t host with Godaddy is my ecommerce store which hosting came with the store. Side Bar: Check out my next article where I compare Bigcommerce to Shopify. Since many of you will be starting a blog or WordPress website I’ll start with you can get WordPress hosting under Godaddy under my account.  And as a added bonus if you use the code hwwt2021 you will get an additional 15% off. Discount prices will show in the cart. Click here to see pricing and details.

WordPress Hosting Includes:
  • Uptime 99.997%
  • Website backup protection
  • 1 -click restore
  • Anywhere from 30GB to unlimited storage
  • SSL certificate included with ultimate and higher plans. $79/yr savings
  • SEO optimizer
  • 24/7 phone assistance

My recommendation straight up. If you are just doing one website go ahead and get a plan that is large enough to cover your SSL certificate. No one likes hopping on any website where Google throws that warning in your face about it possibly being unsafe. Even if you only plan on blogging and not taking any payments on the website people will steer clear of your website if it is not protected. All of my websites have a SSL certificate and some I had to pay for so I can tell you from experience that it’s more worth it cost-wise to have that be included and it’s one less thing you have to worry about. If you are reading this after the fact I do offer SSL certs in my store. Click here to learn more.

Moving on there are options for virtual private servers or dedicated servers and I’ll shoot straight; the cost is more and for the hobby-est it’s usually not called for. This sort of thing is more for when you are making more than one website and usually it’s something that web designers use. Click here to see rates for business, VPS, and dedicated servers 

Blue Host

Blue Host is another super popular hosting platform. They have some of the lowest rates you will find currently. And yes they also have WordPress hosting plans. Currently these plans include being able to park domains and subdomains and they include that all important SSL certificate I mentioned in the last paragraph. They also include a dedicated and virtual servers. And they do boast a 99.98% Uptime which is a fraction above Godaddy; I must admit.

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The Ultimate Managed Hosting Platform

Cloudways as the name alludes to is a cloud-based web hosting platform. Some of the benefits include a free trial period, free site migration, 1-click WordPress installation, and no contracts, and of course 24/7 support. They do have WordPress hosting as well. Their infrastructure allows for optimized speed meaning your website will load super fast for visitors. And in 2017 they were voted the #2 WordPress host. The only cons I found were they do not offer domain name registration and there is no cPanel or Plesk and no email hosting.

Click here to learn more about Cloudways


WPEngine has the biggest discounts on annual plans. So if you pay for the year upfront then you will save the most if you averaged that cost over time. If you are dedicated and serious about growing your online blog or business then I definitely encourage you to commit to the year especially if you have these funds available. You want your time focused on adding content and having hosting squared away is one small cog in a very big wheel.

WPEngine is one of the premier web hosting platforms that bloggers that write about WordPress plugins use. Cost-wise they are a bit more expensive than some others mentioned in this post. They currently host 1.2 million website in over 150 different countries. They offer 24/7 support and easy tools to develop your website or blog. All in all they are a solid hosting solution.

Click here to learn more about WPEngine 

If you are looking for assistance with content development then you may way to look into Content Development Pros  they have some great rates for articles and offer unique content that you can use in your own blog.

Ok, now back to web hosting options.


If you are looking for a hosting plan that is also environmentally friendly then GreenGeeks may be just what you have been looking for. They are recognized by the EPA and work directly with the Bonneville Environmental Foundation. GreenGeeks matches 300% of their energy usage in the form of renewable energy. They do offer WordPress hosting starting at $3.96/mo. They offer a free domain name and or domain transfer over from existing websites.  The tree hugger in me loves everything they stand for. They even give you tags to let your subscribers or website visitors know you are environmentally conscious.


Is a very popular brand that is known for as the name implies having cheap prices for domain names. They also offer a robust WordPress hosting option and based on their stellar reviews on websites like TrustRadius they deliver on their promises. While they are not one of the most popular they offer hosting and may be a consideration if you already have your domains with them. They do offer WordPress hosting and give a good user experience. Customer service is top notch and it’s easy to get help whenever you need it.

EasyWP. It's time for the fastest WP host

All in all guys if you are just starting out. Don’t overthink your hosting provider. It’s my honest opinion that they are all pretty similar as probably was evident in my review of each of these providers. When you get to the point where you are handling multiple websites and moving domains here and there yes the hosting will become more important but what I want you to do is take action. I don’t care if it’s with my service (click here to start remember to enter the code hwwt21 for your  15% discount) or not. What I find is many sit in procrastination wanting to figure it all out to avoid a mistake. And I hate to burst your bubble but you are going to make mistakes. But here is the great news. You WILL learn from those mistakes. You WILL dust yourself off and do what needs to be done. The only thing that will not change is your life if you don’t get out of talking about what you want to do and start doing it.

What type of website or blog are you interested in starting? Let me know in the comments below.

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