There’s just something unique about the Dominican Republic. Being the only place Larimar, the beautiful blue stone believed to have healing and calming powers is found in the world, it’s got tourists from far and wide moving there. Besides Larimar, the Dominican Republic is home to blue oceans, beautiful white-sand beaches, and so much more.

Larimer image

Rare silicate stone only found in the DR.

Thinking of moving there? Here are some things you should know before moving to the Dominican Republic.


  • It’s easy to move back and forth.

DR airport

DR Airport


The Dominican Republic is relatively close to the US. You can take a flight from Las Américas International airport which serves Santo Domingo, the capital city and be in Miami in two hours. And if you’re heading to New York City, it should take about three and a half hours.


  • Learning Spanish makes everything easier.

Spanish is the official language of the Dominican Republic. Though some Dominicans speak English to an extent, having a little Spanish in your back pocket could be quite helpful. You never know when you’ll need to ask for directions and nobody around speaks English.


  • Dominicans are friendly.

Dominicans are extremely friendly and hospitable people. They consider family and friendships very important. They’re always ready to help and have a conversation.

If you’re up for it, you can make a lot of new friends in a short time.


  • Get ready to try Mamajuana.
Mamajuana honey

Mamajuana honey

No, it has nothing to do with marijuana. Mamajuana is a drink prepared by soaking rum, red wine, and honey in a bottle with tree barks and herbs. It’s normal to see people adding other ingredients like raisins, strawberries, and lemon juice.

Mamajuana tastes like port wine and it’s definitely with a shot. (See what I did there?)


  • Dominicans are obsessed with “beisbol.”

Sammy Sosa

Sammy Sosa famous Baseball player from DR.

Dominicans love baseball the same way Brazilians love soccer. The national baseball team won the Baseball world cup in 1948, the World Baseball Classic in 2013, and is currently ranked the 10th best in the world by the World Baseball Softball Confederation.

So many young boys take a liking for baseball from a young age and go on to pursue a career in the sport. It’s no wonder the Dominican Republic has the second-highest number of players in Major League Baseball (MLB).

Qatar Airways US

  • You can open a bank account.

DR Money

Foreigners can open a bank account in the Dominican Republic. To open a bank account, you’ll need documents like a passport, proof of income, and a letter of recommendation from your current bank.

The best banks around are Banco Santa Cruz, Scotiabank, and Banco Popular.


  • World-class shopping for lesser prices.

You can buy high-quality items in the Dominican Republic for lesser prices than you would in the US. The absence of US sales tax and the exchange rate gives you an edge when shopping.

Some of the best places to shop are Plaza Sambil, Agora Mall, Blue mall, Acropolis Center, and Megacentro, all in Santo Domingo.


  • Safety.

The Dominican Republic is safer than most countries in the region. Although there are cases of drive-by robberies and thefts at ATMs, most of these crimes happen in poor areas.

The government is also doing its best to ensure foreigners feel safer, their most notable effort being the formation of CESTUR, the tourist police that ensures safety in tourist areas of the country.


  • Exciting outdoor activities.

If you’re there for fun and a good time, you’ll get lots of it. There are numerous outdoor activities to try out. You can go whale watching in Samana bay, head to Puerto Plata and look at the city from the skies in a cable car, tour the 27 Damajagua waterfalls, and visit some of the best beaches in the Punta Cana area like the Bávaro beach.


  • It’ll begin to feel like home away from home soon enough. 

You’ll find all the corporations you had back home like Nike, Adidas, Starbucks, Forever 21, BMW, Honda, and lots more in the Dominican Republic. 

You’ll also get to join the large expat communities and make new friends. The most common places expats settle in are Santo Domingo, Santiago, Puerto Plata, Cabarete, Punta Cana, and Las Terrenas.

In a short time, the Dominican Republic will begin to feel like home away from home and you can decide to move there permanently, start up a business of your own (Check out the Start A Business page where we teach you all the different ways you can make money remotely), and live your best life.


Tell me your biggest reason for wanting to move to the Dominican Republic in the comments section below.

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