10 Things You Should Know Before Moving To Mexico


Mexico is a beautiful country with a lot to offer and if you plan on moving over there, there are certain things about Mexico worth having at the back of your mind. This article dives into 10 things that you should take into consideration before moving to Mexico. It’s always important to go in with the mindset of embracing a new place where some things will be the same and others very different from what you are used to. If you have traveled any before then you know that things don’t always go to plan. I like to call it an adventure and keep a positive attitude. Moving from one country to another is both stressful and exhilarating.  My biggest piece of advice is to embrace and enjoy the journey.


  • It’s safer than what you’ve been told.


Mexico is not some warzone filled with drug dealers, as the media paints it to be.

Yes, there are some poor and relatively unsafe regions, but that’s not the case everywhere. For example, Mexico City, the capital of Mexico is safe. Safer than some cities in the United States.

So if safety is a matter of concern to you, you must be aware of the area you plan on moving to. Try investigating the area beforehand and visiting at different times of the day to get a feel of what the area is really like.

Mexico is a great country with big and small cities you can safely live in.


  • The cost of living is lower.


In truth, the cost of living is significantly lower compared to the United States. This is a great opportunity for people who want to give themselves and their families a better life.

But that is of course if you’re earning in dollars as opposed to Mexican pesos since the real advantage comes into play when converting from dollars to Mexican pesos. One of the things we teach here at Have Work Will Travel is to start your own online business. This will allow you to travel and maintain or increase your standard of living without having to worry about the job market in the new country.


  • The people are friendly.

Do not let the media give you a false impression about Mexicans. Mexicans are mostly friendly and welcoming, especially to travelers.

A lot of Mexicans speak English well and are easy to communicate with. Mexico is also the largest Spanish-speaking country in the world so if you’re keen on learning Spanish, this may be a good opportunity for you.


  • Fitting in is easy.

Besides the welcoming attitude of locals, getting used to the Mexican environment is pretty easy, especially for Americans. 

That’s because there are so many Americans living in Mexico and there are expat communities you can join to help you feel more at home.


  1. Food goes beyond burritos.


Mexican food goes beyond tacos, burritos, and guacamole. Sure, these are more popular, but prepare to be wowed by all the local recipes you’ll be trying out. It’s normal to find a bowl of chilate de Pollo which is extremely spicy, but it may turn out to be one of the most delicious chicken soups you’ll ever taste.

You can also find Indian, Korean, Polish, and other international dishes in big cities. 


  • Banking is not so easy.


One thing you shouldn’t do when it comes to banking in Mexico is to expect things to go the way they do in your country.

Banking is usually done in person.

From opening an account… to making inquiries… to resolving tiny issues, it’s all done face to face, and can be a bit frustrating since you have to wait in long queues.

The way around this is to be patient and make up your mind to spend a lot of time whenever you have to visit the bank. There’s no such thing as a quick run to the bank here.


  • Be careful when buying an apartment.


When it comes to buying an apartment, consider renting it for a while to see if you’d like it there in the long run.

Mexico is much noisier (especially in big cities) than the United States. So be sure you’re comfortable with the environment before you make a permanent decision like buying an apartment.


  • Renting is different.


Renting an apartment is cheaper in Mexico compared to the United States. 

However, to rent an apartment, you’ll need a Mexican guarantor. This person will be held responsible if you miss any payments.

If you’ve made good friends amongst the locals, you could easily get someone to stand for you.

But if you can’t get anyone to, some companies offer these services for a fee.


  • There are a lot of museums.


Mexico City, the capital of Mexico has more than 150 museums.

So if you’re planning on touring the area, you should go prepared because it’s going to be quite an experience.


  • The beer is great.


One of the things Mexico is known for is its amazing beer. It has just the right amount of flavor and it’s inexpensive.


What part of Mexico are you planning to move to? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below.

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