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About Me​

Welcome to HWWT!

This blog was created to help create a bridge from where you are to where you want to be. If you have dreamed of living in another country but wondered how you will sustain yourself then this is the place for you. My name Ivory and I created this blog not just for you but honestly for me as well. I have always dreamed of living abroad specifically in Central America and while I have done short stints I have also went from single to married with two kids. Responsibilities have changed but the dream lives on.

Don’t get me wrong I feel incredibly lucky and blessed for this new chapter in my life but it has also created an even stronger yearning to continue my mission. My husband is completely onboard and we have created a vision for how to not just vacation but to live where we want when we want and still earn a living. We both come from middle to lower class backgrounds and this sort of idea is far from what many would expect from us.

And this is being written in 2020 when, let’s be honest, travel is severely limited. And you may be thinking I am nuts to even consider starting a travel blog when PEOPLE CAN’T TRAVEL. And you are right…I’m a little nuts but in addition to that I am optimistic. I think the best ideas spur from the worst of times and I also feel that things won’t always be this way.

A lot of the focus of this blog will be addressing the how do I make money while living out of the country question. There are plenty of blogs that show and dive into what it’s like living in another country and they even make suggestions which is great but I have yet to find anything but surface level solutions. I am offering solutions for you to consider and see if it’s viable for you. Some will be the same strategies I am using and some will be discussions from others on how they do it.

Let’s walk this journey together.

Learn How to Make Money Online – And Work Anywhere!

This blog will cover a number of different ways anyone with a laptop, the ability to write, and a little perseverance can make a substantial amount of money online. It is up to you to decide which of these suggestions works best for you. Some require a lot of front end work but will pay dividends for the long run. Others will require ongoing work but you get to decide how much you outsource and how much you will do yourself. My biggest tip is to start with the end in mind.